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I am looking for distributors to sell my products
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Syner Progetti Srl (Ltd) is looking for distributors to sell its 100% made in Italy infrared heaters and Evaporative coolers. We would like to distribute these products throughout Africa. The distributor should ideally specialise in industrial supplies (equipment and services), animal production and dairy, and household goods sectors. They should preferably offer a network of agents or of sales premises. Product samples are available to potential distributors. We are prepared to consider an exclusive distribution arrangement in your territory. To be one of our distributors it would be preferable if you have physical premises such as a shop or warehouse. We require our distributors to have a registered company. We provide full marketing support, manufacturing flexibility and customization, spares delivery within 48-72 h, optimal quality/price ratio, high-quality / safety.

Project details

Evaporative cooloing is the ideal method to lower the temperature of large / high venues, where doors/gates cannot be closed (workshops, production facilities) and anywhere air-conditioning is impossible or too exphensive. The coolers' working principle is the natural heat-exchange involved in water evaporation; therefore, it does not require refrigerating means or compressors and it does not add humidity (mist or aerosol) to the environment and the application venue, which remains dry. The warm air passes through a cellulose panel soaked with dripping water, where air and water exchange the latent heat of vaporization for industrial or commercial appliance.

Key facts about this project

Looking for distributors in these regions
Central African Republic, Africa, and South Africa
Sectors we want to target
Business supplies, equipment and services, Animal production and dairy, and Household goods
Products offered
Infrared lamps and Evaporative coolers
Samples available:
Exclusive agreement available?
Payment terms offered
Payment before shipping

What I am looking for in an ideal partner

Has a shop / warehouse / office
Has banking facilities
Can provide audited company accounts?
Not Required
Registered company?

About the company

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Syner Progetti Srl

Syner Progetti Srl is based in Mantova, Italy. We are a distributor / import-export company and a manufacturer / processor and operate in Italy in the Household goods sector...

Interested in this project?

Interested in this project?


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