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ComColor is a high-speed color printer capable of handling high-volume at unparalleled speed.

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RISO’s ComColor 9150, the world’s fastest cut sheet inkjet printer, redefines the production printer category, offering up to 150 ppm (pages per minute), full-colour printing, simple and intuitive controls and robust print production features. Customers can maximize ComColor’s print speed with RISO’s new revolutionary technology that incorporates cost-effective printing and mail finishing capabilities for a significant increase in productivity and confidentiality and while reducing costs.

The Mailing Solution can print and address an envelope form and enclosures, fold the enclosures, create an envelope from the printed form which is wrapped around the enclosures, and seal the envelope in-line to produce a finished mail piece.

The ComColor is well-suited for transaction applications and according to Riso Africa, customers will be able to effectively print, ‘insert’ and seal mail pieces in-line for increased productivity and mail integrity, condensed into a single compact system.

ComColor printers come in six models, with various special features and functions to suit the needs of any sized business or organisation.

What do you need in a printer?

You may need a printer for any or all of the following uses:

  • Automate sorting, stapling and other document creation functions

  • A wide range of transaction printing and meeting handouts creation

  • Print thousands of flyers, forms and other documents at one time

  • Hassle-free punching, stapling and saddle stitch stapling

  • Optimize direct mailings

  • Create manuals and other thick booklets

  • Print on thick stock, envelopes and postcards

  • Printing that is mainly A4/letter size

Do you need a printer that can do any or all of the above?

Connect and enquire about product specifications and functionality to meet your specific needs.

Productive and versatile features to help you achieve optimum results

Flexible paper feeding

Maximize paper capacity for high-speed printing by utilizing multiple paper trays. Paper feeds horizontally beneath the print heads in a short straight path, contributing to high print speeds and increased reliability.

Improved paper handling

Unique capabilities broaden the range of paper stocks and sizes that can be reliably printed at high speeds. The wide variety of paper stocks includes envelopes and lightweight paper.

Designed for longevity

The ComColor, engineered for high-production environments, is built to last. Proven durability guarantees millions of prints.

How will your business benefit?

Increase Capabilities

Productivity-enhancing accessories automate workflow from start to finish. Take control of print jobs with flexible options. High-capacity feeding and stacking and various finishing functions streamline production and eliminate the need for outsourcing.

  • Continuous high-capacity printing

  • Four versatile main functions: stapling, punching, folding and binding

  • Standard sorting and grouping by quantity

Reduce Running Costs

To minimize ink consumption and maintain optimal print quality, RISO’s standard color profile intelligently controls the quantity of ink drops used for each individual color, according to the paper type, to effectively reproduce the original image.

  • Save ink with the Auto color mode and Single color printing functions

  • Save paper with the Multi-up printing and Blank page removal functions

Eco-friendlier that ever

The new RISO ComColor reduces power consumption to an all-time low with the introduction of automatic power shut-off. The ComColor is ENERGY STAR certified (in limited regions) and boasts many other energy-efficient innovations. The ComColor technology is truly green.

  • Lower power consumption

  • Power schedule function

  • Noise reduction

Superior Simplicity and Quality

With improved performance and functions, the ComColor consistently delivers quality prints with convenience and simplicity for every user.

  • Easy operation and ink replenishment with a color LCD touch screen and easy-to-change ink cartridges

  • Efficient data processing with various improvements such as direct printing from a USB flash drive 

  • Impressive image quality on standard paper and envelopes with edvanced ink formulation for higher quality output, improved envelope printing quality and various other functions that optimize output

  • Secure print with the PIN code enhanced security for confidential documents

Watch the RISO 9150 ComColor detailed product overview below.

To enquire about product specifications and functionality to suit your specific needs, please connect with us.


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Government, Aid and International Bodies, Telecommunications, Media and entertainment, Transportation, logistics and storage, Education, training and research, Business services, Construction / engineering, Financial and insurance, Professional service, and Power, Water and Utilities
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services and Financial and Insurance Services

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RISO Africa

RISO Africa is a premium manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, energy-saving printing solutions.

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Interested in this project?


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