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Aveng Grinbaker-LTA Ground Engineering product offering include Piling, Lateral Support, Grouting and Geotechnical Investigations.

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Auger Piling

Open hole Auger Piling:

Auger piling is the most cost effective method of installing piles and is suited to stable dry  ground conditions where bedrock is at a depth allowing pile loads to be carried in side  friction and end bearing. In addition, Auger Piling also provides the largest variety in load  bearing capabilities making it the first solution considered for any piling job.

Sizes range from 400 mm up to 1800 mm (up to 20 000 kN), with a maximum depth of 70 m  and can be installed up to an inclination of 1:6.

Screw-In Cased Auger Piling (SICAP)

SICAP takes the benefits of Auger Piling and applies them to collapsible and water logged  conditions. Used specifically in bridges to allow large load bearing piles to be installed, the  casings are installed using the power of the modern hydraulic rig’s rotation drive unit.

Sizes range from 750 mm to 1050 mm (up to 7 000 kN), with a maximum depth of 30m and  can be installed up to an inclination of 1:6.

Oscillator Piles

Traditional bridge piles, the Oscillator pile is used in conditions where the SICAP piles are not  feasible (i.e. great depths or extremely hard in situ rock). The Oscillator is an additional unit  attached to the modern hydraulic piling rig that can generate up to 150 ton torque.

Sizes range from 900 mm to 1200 mm (up to 9 000 kN), with a maximum depth of 50 m and  can be installed up to an inclination of 1:6.

Concrete Instrumented Continuous Flight Auger Piles (CFA)

Aveng Ground Engineering is the South African industry leader in Concrete Instrumented CFA piles. The modern technology allows the installation of the CFA pile while eliminating the drawbacks of costly grout and limited quality control.

Concrete Instrumented CFA piles are best suited to collapsible geotechnical conditions and sites where the pile load will be carried in side friction as opposed to end bearing.

An additional advantage to Concrete Instrumented CFA is that the modern hydraulic piling rigs used have the capability to auger through limited boulder layers and provide a small pile socket, both of which preclude crane installed grout CFA’s.

Sizes range from 500 mm to 900 mm (up to 3 750 kN) with a maximum depth of 19 m. Concrete CFA piles can only be installed vertically

Percussion Piles

Self-Drilling Anchor Piles

Aveng Ground Engineering is in the unique position through our affiliation with Aveng Duraset, to provide the most cost effective solution for Self Drilling Anchor Piles. These piles  are installed by means of a hydraulic drill rig using grout flush and are most suited to limited access areas that have collapsible conditions and shallow bedrock.

Self-Drilling Anchor piles are usually installed in pile groups of at least 3 to counteract  slenderness. Sizes range from 76 mm to 130 mm (up to 800 kN) with a maximum depth of 20 m and can be raked in certain instances.

Percussion Micro Piles

Percussion Micro Piles are installed using a Down The Hole Hammer to allow installation of  small diameter piles through hard material.

Aveng Ground Engineering is in the unique  position of being able to install piles up to a 350 mm diameter (500 kN) in 2.5 m headroom,  which has been very useful in renovations of existing buildings.

Sizes range from 125 mm to 400 mm (up to 1 000 kN) with a maximum depth of 30 m and can be raked in certain instances.

PreCast Piling

Aveng Ground Engineering owns the most advanced Precast Piling equipment in South Africa, placing us perfectly to tackle any large scale projects. Precast piling is best suited to areas with very soft, collapsible geotechnical conditions and very deep bedrock.

Precast piling provides the major advantage of high quality standards due to the precast nature of the piles, and time benefits due to the high speeds of installation.

Sizes range from 250 mm square to 350 mm square (up to 2 000 kN) with an unlimited maximum depth and can be installed to a maximum rake of 1:10

Lateral Support

Soil Nail, Post Stressed Anchors and Shotcrete Systems

Temporary and permanent soultions for vertical excavations up to 10m deep, most common in basements for new commercial developments. Smooth finish can be applied to enable the shotcrete wall to be the final interior wall for the basement.

Contiguous Piled Wall

CFA or Auger piles are utilised to increase the supported depth of walls, up to 20m. Shotcrete is added between the piles and post stressed anchors are installed to support the piles.

Secant Pile Wall

Interlocking piles are installed to provide a watertight permanent lateral support solution which eliminates the need for shotcrete. Due to the accuracies in pile installation required, SICAP piles are most commonly used.

Sheet Piles

Driven Sheet Piles provide a quick and watertight temporary or permanent lateral support solution in soft geotechnical conditions.

Rock Bolts and Rock fall protection

Most common in mining and road infrastructure, this system involves shoring up an excavated rock face against localised failure, to ensure the safety of those working at the bottom of the supported face.


Dam Grouting – Curtain and Consolidation

Aveng Ground Engineering is the most experienced South African contractor in the Dam Grouting market. Small diameter drilling to locate fissures in bedrock for the purpose of grouting these fissures up to render the Dam foundation as impermeable as possible or to ensure cohesiveness of the founding rock to ensure it can support the large dam structure.

Compaction Grouting

Dolomitic areas earmarked for development can have their risk class greatly reduced by systematic Compaction Grouting, which involves drilling on a grid pattern to locate and fill any cavities underlying the site, thus reducing the chances of a sinkhole forming.

Geotechnical Investigations

Aveng Ground Engineering prides itself is being a choice geotechnical partner from conceptual phase right through to construction. Having in-house design capabilities as well as in-house Professional Geological capabilities allows us to provide quality information and advice.

Our Geotechnical Investigations division offers the following products to best assist Consulting Engineers and Clients to make the most cost effective foundation solution decision:

  • Trial Auger Holes

  • Core Drilling

  • Test Pitting

  • DPSH testing

  • Material Laboratory testing (outsourced)

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Structural components and basic shapes and Soil stabilizers and reinforcing materials
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Aveng Grinaker-LTA

Aveng Grinaker-LTA is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group, anchored in South Africa with expertise in a number of market sectors; Power, Mining, Infrastructure, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Oil and Gas. The Group’s multi-disciplinary capability is delivered through focused business units acting in synergy.

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