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Amphfoil Inc.

Amphfoil is a dedicated independent company created to capitalize on a breakthrough patented 3 speed stage (0 to 100 mph) unique watercraft. Almost a decade of R& D, capital and engineering has been invested by Walt Schulz, founder of Shannon Boat Company in 1975. The next step is to build a 30'/9m Amphfoil demo boat to promote the profitable potential of the global business model using a short period, low risk, high return investment plan.

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Executive Summary

Walter Schulz, founder and president of Shannon Boat Company.Naval architect, marine engineer and custom fabrication, boat building. Over 40 years of experience in the marine industry .William G. Ramos, graduate of Brown University and Cornell Law School, responsible for Shannon sales and marketing since 1978.Thomas Quinlan, vice president in charge of all aspects of construction and personnel at Shannon Boat Company. Employed since 1979.

Customer Problem
Water transportation is under-utilized due to outdated design and expensive building materials and methodsVessels used now for water transportation have high fuel consumption and related pollution issues in all major marketsTurbulent wakes contribute to shoreline erosion, damage of coastal areas and negatively impact marine mammals and eco systemsDemands have increased for faster, economical, safer and comfortable water transportation.

The Amphfoil is a revolutionary, multi-patented boat solution conceived to augment existing wate transportation using NEW GREEN TECHNOLOGY
It uses proven hydrodynamic and aerodynamic technology to travel in the water in three speed stages: 0-25 mph in crowded harbors, 35-50 mph and 50-100 mph in open waters.
It can be constructed inexpensively using basic "off the shelf" components and well established molded carbon fiber construction.

Target Market
The 30' Amphfoil boat will be used to demonstrate that in addition to people transport and recreational, there are opportunities globally for the Amphfoil in the military, drug and immigration interdiction, sea rescue and coastal defense. There are global government assistant opportunities; the Amphfoil was designed to be modular; engineered to be built/assembled anywhere in the world creating local jobs making the craft profitable and versatile.

Business Model
The versatile Amphfoi is inexpensive to build, composed of 28 modular carbon fiber panels and equipment. All components can be molded by highly skilled technicians in one or more fabricating locations, shipped globally with machinery and parts in conventional shipping containers then easily and economically assembled by semi-skilled employees at remote locations anywhere in the world, creating jobs and avoiding high tariffs and shipping costs.

We are seeking investors in the 30'/9m Amphfoil demo boat looking for a short period high return debt/ equity project with additional tax advantages outside the U.S. Investment rollout by selling/licensing to recreational boat companies, public transport firms, equipment suppliers, commercial water transport companies, international military and coast guard, private individuals, charter/water taxi companies and livery, limousine services.

Sales/Marketing Strategy
Once a 30’/9m Amphfoil demonstrator model is built and presented to potential "2nd round” investors or companies around the world, the Amphfoil concept will promote itself. The ultimate business strategy: to seek out and partner with one or more major multinational companies to take advantage of the unique opportunities and profitable business model of the Amphfoil concept. The flexible platform design creates opportunities in diverse markets.

The Amphfoil is a First Mover in that it is the first patented vessel that offers variable speeds comfortably and safely up to 100 mph. Defined as a marine vessel only subject to existing maritime regulations avoiding international government regulations like FAA, EASA, or NTSB. Other countries and companies are working on solutions: the amphibious car, the flying car, and the Wing-in-Ground Effect craft, all have complex regulatory issues.

Competitive Advantage
The Amphfoil is a First Mover advantage with non-competitive international patents, a business plan that makes investment sense and no complex government regulations. The Amphfoil offers an adjunct people transport solution that is more diverse, inexpensive to build, faster, safer, more versatile, more comfortable, more efficient, and "GREENER". Investors are protected with proprietary technology and extraordinary promotional opportunities.


Walter Schulz

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