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Biocrystal technologies

Biocrystal® technologies Ltd is one of a leading company in European bedding industry, with more than 20 years of experience in the bedding industry and almost a decade long experience within developing unique products according the innovation.

Biocrystal technologies Ltd company is the inventor and provider of the unique Biocrystal technology, which has the ability to combine the power of pure nature with the finest technology in order to produce Biocrystal®

BIOCRYSTAL® is a natural substance whose essence consists of 16 crystals complemented with gold and silver with the aim to increase energy and to contribute to the well-being in all beings!

Developed on the idea of bringing an innovation within the world of sleep, our company has gone even further and developed highly efficient and scientifically proven products for human's, animal's and plant's.

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Biocrystal technologies Ltd is a company developed on the idea of bringing an innovation within the world of sleep. As the more successful our idea was as more new ideas come to our minds, and the innovation within the world of sleep became the innovation within the world of humans, animals and plants. Many years of experience within the bedding industry, hundreds of thousands products sold all around Europe made us realize that our industry somehow keeps on missing a revolutionary innovation. Besides perfectly adapting foams, all kinds of fabrics and supplements, for two decades of experience, we never testified of a game changer showing up. So, a hunger of innovation has woken up and we decided to take the role of a game changer. Crystals were our game changer! Because they are almost perfect raw materials, natural and with perfect precision and purity, with a proven positive effect on people's lives and living beings in general, and how it is known today, the with enormous potential of applications in almost all areas of life. „All“ we had to do was to find a way to bring amazing crystals in bed. We engaged a team of experts in the field of crystallography to think of the best possible way of implementing crystals into a bed so the bed finally takes an active role in our energy recharging. Nine years later, the team of crystal experts discovered the exact type of crystals, the ratio and a precise way of mixing crystals to form a powerful crystal mixture, today known as Biocrystal®. Not many of the world companies can commend with unique product based exclusively on natural material, especially nowadays when everything around relies on technique.


Slavica Smolić

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