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Aveng Steel was established with effect from 1 July 2013 to combine Aveng’s steel businesses into one operating entity and leverage their collective value.

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South Africa
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Building and construction materials
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Botswana, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, United Republic of, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
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The creation of the Steel cluster positions Aveng Steel as a leading player in the industry, underpinned by three business units which are leaders in their selected fields:


Aveng Steel capabilities range from the supply of steels, automotive materials, special steel and reinforcing bars, as well as pipe and tube manufacturing and steel fabrication. The Aveng Steel Fabrication plant has supplied platework and structural steel fabrication to mines and the power industry.

Brief history

The 1900 steel trade industry in South Africa was boosted by new factories and workshops smelting iron, reworking scrap metal and other related processes. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that new, cheaper methods of making steel were explored. From that point on, business surged and several major players in the steel trade industry emerged.

By 1972 Steeldale and the merchandising operation Trident Steel had been established. Although at the time they were operating independently, both companies had a vision to play central roles in the developing economy. Steel lies at the heart of industrial development. The production of crude steel in the 20th century rose at an impressive rate. As governments invested more and more money into infrastructure, industry and transport, so the demand for steel rose.

The strength, toughness and ductility of the alloy have defined how humans live their lives: the impressive feats of railways, roads, bridges and skyscrapers, and the personal use gained from electricity cables, medical equipment and household and kitchen appliances.

In South Africa, Trident Steel was amongst the first traders to acknowledge the wider benefits of a diversified range of alloy products. From the late 1980s, with South Africa in the grip of Apartheid and with the government driving an isolationist agenda, Aveng took a decisive step away from the status quo by actively embracing global trends and innovations. Buoyed by the import of new technologies from overseas industry leaders, Trident Steel led the way for a significant national industrial expansion, most notably in the automotive industry.


Aveng Steel was established with effect from 1 July 2013 to combine Aveng’s steel businesses into one operating entity and leverage their collective value. The business activities of Aveng Trident Steel, Aveng Steeledale and Aveng Steel Fabrication (ASF, previously DSE Steel Fabrication) have been consolidated into Aveng Steel.    

Geographic expansion

Aveng Trident Steel, in partnership with Aveng Steeledale, has established a new processing plant in the Tete province of Mozambique to serve coal mining and related infrastructure development in the province. The business has strengthened its regional network of branches in South Africa and is extending all of its offerings into other markets in Southern Africa to support its drive to improve its processing capacity and service delivery.


Aveng Trident Steel is progressively implementing the group environmental framework as well as the energy saving project. A successful ISO 14001 recertification audit was completed in June 2013.

Top Executives

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Hercu Aucamp

Managing Director: Aveng Steel Cluster

Thumb profile
Bridget Ledwaba

Executive: Business Development

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