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Aveng Mining is one of only four deep-level shaft-sinking companies worldwide and is involved in all aspects across the mining value chain, ranging from shaft sinking, underground development and contract mining, opencast mining, mineral processing and acid mine drainage plants, to construction of mining related infrastructure and the supply of mining equipment and products.

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Mine development
Mining and quarrying machinery and equipment
Open pit mining services
Mine drilling blasting and construction services
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South Africa
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Mining and Construction / engineering
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Botswana, Chile, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Namibia, Tanzania, United Republic of, South Africa, and Zambia
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With its vast landscape and diverse natural resources, the African continent offers a wealth of raw materials. Any successful mining operation in Africa requires access to specialist equipment, industry-specific knowledge and a workforce that can be mobilised quickly and effectively.

For more than 30 years Aveng Mining operations have stretched across Africa in open cut, shaft sinking and underground mining projects, including design, construction, project management and operations management.

Open cut mining

Cedric and Mike Moolman, two entrepreneurial brothers from the Eastern Cape, invested in bulldozers, scrapers and other earth-moving machinery as the starting point for their company, Moolman Bros Construction, in the early 1950s. Within three years they had earned a name as a steadfast road-building company.

With their eyes fixed on further expansion, the brothers travelled to the United States to assess international standards and practices. Their acquisition of two motor scrapers was a first for a South African company and set a benchmark for the company’s innovative approach to operations.

The company grew significantly in the 1970s with contract work that included major roads, airfields, as well as coal and iron ore lines. Owing to its impressive construction operations, Moolman Bros Construction was bought by LTA in 1983.

A broader business strategy became viable with the awarding of several key mining contracts. Two contracts in particular would secure the company’s reputation as prominent mining sub-contractors in southern Africa: an open pit platinum mine in Potgietersrus and a colliery near Vanderbijlpark.

Namibia, Mali, Tanzania and Guinea were among the first international operations that signified an expanding presence throughout Africa into the 1990s. The business was then in a position to capitalise on established relationships with the leading mining companies, and began operating exclusively within the mining sector.

Through Aveng Mining, this historic company now operates as one of the leading mining contractors on the continent. Aveng Moolmans’ success stems from its dedication to committed relationships with clients, staff and its growing workforce.

Aveng Moolmans specialises in mining services predicated on seamless integration with client operations. Echoing the early history of the company, Aveng Moolmans still owns and operates advanced heavy earthmoving and mining equipment, with the capacity to move into remote and challenging locations. In addition to drilling, blasting, loading, hauling and dumping, Aveng Moolmans provides mine planning, production scheduling and grade control drilling.

Shafts and underground

The development of Aveng Mining Shafts & Underground reflects the importance of a company’s vision and ambition. Starting as a small group within Grinaker in the early 1970s, the specialised unit quickly established a reliable business practice by delivering civil engineering services to clients in the mining industry.

Over several years the company gained a firm foothold in a niche market. As the knowledge base expanded, contracts were awarded working on shaft collars, tunnelling and mining construction from 50 to 80 metres below ground.

It was in the 1990s that the directors adopted a new mindset, leveraging the collective experience within the unit to land bigger contracts and expand into new areas of expertise. Embracing innovative technology played a pivotal role in attracting diverse clients and work. From the outset, pioneering the use of new methodologies established the shafts and underground unit as an industry leader.

An early example was the simultaneous sinking of shafts and erecting of headgear. In later years the unit established suspended conveyors in contract mining, as well as the use of mobile winders.

The growth of the business also coincided with the adoption of key management philosophies and values, which included the promotion of participation and inclusiveness for every level of operation. A sharp focus was placed on ensuring the clearest channels for communicating with clients at every stage of a project.

By 2006 Aveng Mining Shafts & Underground was established as a leading player in South Africa, offering comprehensive services comprising vertical access, horizontal development and contract mining. The year also marked the establishment of a firm footprint north of South Africa, following the awarding of contract work at the Konkola Copper Mine in Zambia.


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