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Karnal Print & Pack Cluster

Also known as:
Karnal Print & Pack Cluster Pvt. Ltd.
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We are confident that future belongs to us. Our vision is clear and we are sure to be successful in achieving our goal of all inclusive growth of printing & packaging fraternity to contribute to the progress of our great nation- INDIA... The printing and packaging cluster of karnal comprises about 300 MSE Units concentrated in the Tehsil of Karnal with total turnover of about Rs. 250 Crores. The cluster comprises about 200 screen printing units & about 100 offset print press unit. The cluster evolved in the 1940's and in the last decade a large number of set printing units were evolved in the reason. The Cluster firms produce a variety of products ranging from corrugated boxes to duplex sheet boxes. They also offer a range of services in terms of stationery, book printing, undertake pharmaceutical packing etc.

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Karnal Print & Pack Cluster Pvt. Ltd.
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