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Forward Motion Consulting

Also known as:
Forward Motion Consulting, LLC
45 - 4th Avenue North, #101 Minneapolis, MN 55401
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A unique combination of Corporate, Consumer Retail, and Public Sector experience, from which we are able to bring a wealth of Best Practices to bear on wide range of organizational challenges and opportunities... Forward Motion works in partnership with leading Management Consulting firms and Diversity Management practitioners from around the country. Areas of specialization within our network include Diversity Self-Assessment Tools (CD-ROM and web-based); Industrial Relations, Diversity and the Law; Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; Executive Coaching; Collaborative Strategy Development ("Envisioning"); and Relationship Mapping. We are committed to leveraging the best talent available to meet the needs of our clientele. We are happy to refer you to the right resource for projects outside of our specific expertise... Utilize our experience to see your business opportunities from a more strategic perspective. Together we will create and execute strategies for taking your business to the next level. We offer assessment tools, training, and developmental resources designed to help your organization realize its potential for excellence. This potential for exceptional performance can only be achieved and sustained when every member of the team is engaged, encouraged, developed, and rewarded.

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45 - 4th Avenue North, #101 Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Forward Motion Management Consulting, LLC 45 - 4th Avenue North, #101 Minneapolis, MN 55401
Also known as:
Forward Motion Consulting, LLC
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