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My programming journey started way back when my dad bought a HC91 computer - a Romanian ZX-Spectrum replica. I started 'programming' in BASIC by copying programs from old manuals and hacking them to do something slighlty different. This had become my new hobby and little have I known that it would also become my carrer. Over the years I kept coding and studying which led to building more and more complex pieces of software. By the time I got into college, I was already experienced enough to be a junior programmer which is what followed in my second year when I got a job at what is now probably the best antivirus company in the world. I was fortunate enough to start my carrer in a very healthy environment that layed out a strong foundation which shaped the way I build software. I continued to polish my skills over the years becoming more experienced not only in the field of computer science but also as a people person. Even though I always worked for companies, I also worked in my own time on projects that I've come up with. This is how 24rush was born as my cover to do sofware on my own. Interestingly enough, a lot of things that I learned working on these project ended up being used in my day to day job. Currently, I am working for one of the top 3 microprocessor manufacturers where I try to challenge myself everyday... No matter how good you want your code the be, it will mean nothing if it doesn't leave your computer. When I commit to something it becomes my responsability that at the end of the deadline that code will be delivered... Delivering working software isn't only about writing code. Building software is a team effort and people that make up these teams are usually very different, both technically and in their behaviour. This is why a minimal set of rules and good practices are required as recipes for success.
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