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Onar Vip Transfer

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We offer a prompt, reliable, efficient, courteous minibus hire service. Whatever the journey we will take you in style, comfort and safety... Another part of our activity is the private tours which we plan according to the requirements of each customer. They include visits at archaeological and historical sites such as Acropolis, Sounion, Delphi, ancient Olympia, ancient theater of Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth, Meteora, Athens city tours, and visits to places of entertainment and recreation, such as theaters, entertainment centers, taverns, restaurants, and places with folk nights. We also provide transportation services for professional use and private events, such as meetings, conferences, anywhere in Greece... We provide chauffeur driven minibuses for all occasions. Whether it's a transfer to the airport, to marines, a day trip, a tour around Greece, a business trip or a private event, our chauffeur driven minibuses are at your service.

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