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Ajantha Gauge and Tools

Manufacturer / processor
66/3,Chavadi Street, Korattur, Chennai-600080
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3 months ago
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5 months ago
Short description
Ajantha Gauge & Tools conceived its business operations from its operational units situated at Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India) in the year 1982. We established our self as a Sole Proprietorship in this industry and engaged in the business of manufacturing, supplying and exporting wide range Jigs & Fixtures,Gauge & Tools,Special Purpose machine and Precision Components. Since our establishment... Ajantha Gauge & Tools believes in being the most reputed leaders in the field of precision heavy machineries. We are presently engaged in precision-machined components, CNC machined components and manufacturing and supplying of heavy machined components to various companies as per their specific requirements. We are engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and distribution of various components... We have built our infrastructure at a wide area with a proper connectivity of transportation. We have installed latest machinery in our infrastructure in order to compete with our client's requirement. Our infrastructure is segregated into different units such as production unit, quality control unit and packaging unit. All our units are efficiently managed by experienced professionals who are well versed with the latest technology.

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66/3,Chavadi Street, Korattur, Chennai-600080

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66/3,Chavadi Street, Korattur, Chennai-600080
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