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StudyAbroadUK is an innovative organisation that promotes UK education to overseas markets. With an intimate knowledge of the international student recruitment arena, and in conjunction with an extensive network of international partners and associates, we can help promote, develop, and improve your institution's global reach and breadth, thereby enabling you to procure truly diverse and talented students... StudyAbroadUK is a private British enterprise whose primary objective is to proactively market UK education and qualifications to the highly-competitive international student market. By positively encouraging and supporting legitimate overseas students in pursuing an education in Britain, we hope to cement the UK's position as a world leader in the knowledge and learning economy... StudyAbroadUK also offers a range of business solutions to private and public sector organisations, at both national and international levels, which are designed primarily to make our strategic partners that bit more competitive and effective. Our core business values are based on being at all times ethical and responsible, whilst remaining achievement orientated.

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