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Archimedes International

Also known as:
Archimedes Polymer Technologies
6 Vokolomantra Pissouri Bay 4607 Limassol Cyprus
9 years
Site checked
12 days ago
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over 1 year ago
Short description
Archimedes Polymer Technologies is an innovative driven producer of nanoparticle enabled solutions for polymers, metals and ceramics... A.P.T Archimedes Polymer Technologies founded in 2008 is a specialist developer of nano composite materials in Cyprus . The company participates in EU nano research, mostly in the NMP programs and supplies nano materials in commercial quantities to specialised markets segments.

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6 Vokolomantra Pissouri Bay 4607 Limassol Cyprus

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9 years
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6 Vokolomantra Pissouri Bay 4607 Limassol Cyprus
Also known as:
Archimedes Polymer Technologies
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