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XCellCure, LLC
1 City Place Drive, Suite 285, St. Louis, MO 63141
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XCellCure is a startup biotechnology company focused on transforming modern cardiac care by enabling quantitative, low-cost prevention. With the launch of our first product, the AMiAware Human Cardiovascular Disease Microarray, our product line aids the prevention of recurrent heart attack through patient-centered risk stratification utilizing 13 novel biomarkers. The motif of our clinical approach is to noninvasively diagnose and prognosticate patients experiencing acute coronary symptoms in order to assist in patient monitoring, aid therapeutic selection, prevent fatality, and reduce morbidity of cardiovascular disease. We are releasing a collection of cardiac devices for the research, clinical and point of care realms to supplement and improve current care and patient quality of life... XCellCure is a biotechnology start up revolutionizing the way the world treats heart attacks. Our product line of cardiac panels includes patented prognostic markers which provide a patient-specific signature of disease with the capability to predict a heart attack. The AMiAware cardiac panel line of products allows physicians to quickly intervene with individualized medical therapies that will save lives... Our products present the information necessary to prevent a future fatal heart attack and may be used by health care providers evaluating patients at hospitals, labs, physician offices, at the gym, walk in clinics, and emergency rooms across the country. Current detection methods and clinical algorithms cannot predict a heart attack that is likely to happen over the next 24 or 72 hours. This retroactive result verifies at best only that the patient is currently experiencing a heart attack. XCellCure is revolutionizing cardiac diagnostics through an emphasis on prognostics and prevention. With the capability to predict impending heart attack 48 hours to 6 months after patient presentation, the XCellCure AMiAware will give doctors the foresight to predict and stop a heart attack before it has even started.

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1 City Place Drive, Suite 285, St. Louis, MO 63141

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1 City Place Drive, Suite 285, St. Louis, MO 63141
Also known as:
XCellCure, LLC
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