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8 Smyth Street

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8 Smyth Street is a mid terrace cottage set on a quiet residential cul de sac, just off the centre of the bustling, picturesque harbour town of Fishguard. Comfortably furnished throughout, step into the spacious lounge, 1 step leads down into the large kitchen/diner with tiled floor and modern, fitted kitchen where you can enjoy family meals together. A door opens to the rear, enclosed patio garden, ideal for enjoying an alfresco meal or why not try some of the excellent pubs and restaurants just a short stroll away in the centre of Fishguard... There is also a good selection of shops and a leisure centre to try, while a downhill walk takes you to the picturesque harbour of Lower Fishguard and foreshore once used as the set for some major films including Under Milk Wood and Moby Dick. Join the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and explore this beautiful, rugged coastline with its many sandy coves, to the West lies Stumble Head, only a 10 minute drive or to the East is Dinas Head and the popular town of Newport with its glorious long sandy beach.

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