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23 Studios

13 years
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6 months ago
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We do video/film editing using a wide range of software viz. FCP, AVID, SONY VEGAS, ADOBE PREMIERE according to your preference. Our services also include the traditional negative cutting for projects that are shot on film stock... We provide data transfer and data management for all digital formats like RED, ALEXA, SONY, CANON, BMCC, AJA, PANASONIC, PHANTOM FLEX, WEISSCAM etc for seamless offline edit by converting the RAW footage from the source cameras. The process includes ingesting of footage from the filming spot, storing backups in external drives and converting them for offline edit. We also undertake ‘spot' or ‘on-location' editing for music videos, features etc... Right from offline/online edit to VFX, from colour grading to sound editing, we offer wide range of services in the post production segment. We also do the conforming of offline edited footage for the final grading process like SMOKE, DAVINCI RESOLVE, BASELIGHT etc for Digital Cinema Projection.

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